Cats on Mats combines kittens with yoga in downtown Aiken shop

September 9, 2018

Aiken’s newest yoga craze involves kittens and pet adoptions.

Aiken Yoga, Happy Tails, and the Bone-i-Fide Bakery are teaming up to create a special new yoga session called Cats on Mats.

Sarah Acord, owner of Aiken Yoga, teaches the class. During the yoga session, which is held in the Bone-i-Fide Bakery in downtown Aiken, adoptable cats and kittens from Cat Tails will be present in the room.

Joanne Brosz, founder of Happy Tails, came up with the idea for Cats on Mats.

“I take care of the kittens, and then I go and do yoga, and one day they just magically intertwined,” Brosz said.

One such kitten was brought in by Acord. She said she found the kitten after it hitched a ride on the bumper of her car.

The yoga class provides people with the chance to stretch and release stress, but it also gives the cats the chance to roam around the shop and socialize with new people.

“It helps bring awareness to the kittens,” said Acord. “The best thing is it keeps people in the present moment, like the animals are always in the present moment.”

The entry fee for the class is $10, and the proceeds go toward helping homeless pets.

For more information, call The Bone-i-Fide Bakery at 803-646-3152 or Sarah Acord at Aiken Yoga at 803-514-8833.

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