MIAMI (AP) _ A husband and wife who claimed to offer a manatee skull, a frozen bald eagle, a human fetus and various sexual organs for sale to Santeria priests were charged with violating federal wildlife protection laws, a prosecutor said Thursday.

The manatee skull turned out to be a horse's head, the bald eagle was actually a red-tailed hawk and the fetus was that of a rabbit, authorities said.

Jose Luis Torraguitart, 29, and Barbara Torraguitart, 32, were arrested Wednesday after two detectives paid $1,600 for two frozen owls, a hawk, two elephant tusks, a leopard skin and the rabbit fetus.

The Torraguitarts also claimed to have human body parts, turtle eggs and a turtle penis for sale. Investigators found what they believe to be human bones, but no body parts.

They were charged with conspiracy and violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of five years. Federal agents said other charges were possible.

The couple was nabbed after an 18-month undercover investigation led by a federal wildlife agent and a detective who posed as a Santeria priestess, U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey said Thursday.

Santeria is an Afro-Caribbean religion whose followers believe that the gods will respond favorably to rituals and sacrifices of food and animals.

Investigators also found four live baby barn owls caged in the couple's back yard and numerous dead animals in their freezer, including an owl, two cardinals, a blue jay, a mockingbird, a meadowlark, numerous finches and reptiles and four possible rabbit fetuses.

An altar for the practice of spiritism, or worship of the dead, and an altar to Chango, one of the main gods of the Santeria religion, were found inside the home.

Another altar, surrounded by a skull and bones for the practice of Palo Mayombe, associated with malevolent magic, was found behind the home. All of the bones were being analyzed.