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Events in Dan White Case With AM-White-Suicide

October 22, 1985

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Here is a chronology of the Dan White case:

Jan. 1, 1978 - Former police officer and firefighter Dan White takes office on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, following his election the previous November.

Nov. 10, 1978 - White resigns, saying he cannot afford to support his wife and infant son on a supervisor’s $9,600 annual pay. White’s parents offer financial help and White asks for his job back the next day.

Nov. 27, 1978 - White crawls through a basement window in City Hall with his loaded .38-caliber service revolver, shoots Mayor George Moscone in the head, then walks down the hall to the office of Supervisor Harvey Milk, and kills him.

April 27, 1979 - A jury is chosen for White’s trial for the deaths of Moscone and Milk.

May 1, 1979 - Testimony starts in the trial, where White’s defense centers on a claim of diminished capacity due in part to the consumption of junk foods. It became known as the ″Twinkie defense.″

May 21, 1979 - White is convicted of two counts of voluntary manslaughter. He receives the maximum sentence of seven years, eight months at Soledad Correctional Training Facility. ″White Night″ riots erupt throughout the city, and about 5,000 people protesting his light sentence storm City Hall, hurl firebombs through windows and burn police cars.

Jan. 6, 1984 - White released from Soledad.

Jan. 6, 1985 - White paroled in Southern California.

Oct. 21, 1985 - White kills himself by attaching a garden hose from the exhaust pipe of his car into the passenger compartment.

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