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Social Democrats Lose Deputy to Communist Alliance after Counting Error

July 28, 1987

COIMBRA, Portugal (AP) _ Election officials ruled Tuesday that a National Assembly seat awarded to the Social Democrat Party in Portugal’s July 19 legislative election should have gone to a Communist-dominated alliance.

The officials said that a counting error in a precinct in Coimbra, about 150 miles north of Lisbon, had been discovered and the seat previously awarded to the Social Democrats would instead go to the People’s Unitary Coalition.

Despite the loss of the seat, the Social Democrats still retained the first single-party majority in the National Assembly since Portugal returned to democracy in 1974.

Following the correction, these were the election results

-Social Democrats 145 seats

-Socialists 59 seats

-People’s Unitary Coalition 31 seats

-Democratic Renewal Party 7 seats

-Christian Democrats 4 seats.

The results of voting by Portuguese emigrants, who elect four of the 250 deputies in Parliament, have not yet been announced.

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