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Edward Burns Not Bothered by Media

September 17, 2001

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NEW YORK (AP) _ Edward Burns doesn’t seem to understand why gossip columnists and celebrity photographers get his fellow actors so bent out of shape.

``If that stuff really bothers you so much, you should go do regional theater,″ he told The New York Times for Sunday editions. ``Go do Chekhov in Iowa. No paparazzi will be following you.″

Burns is getting his share of attention for his latest movie, ``Sidewalks of New York,″ which is scheduled to open on Friday. Burns wrote, directed, produced and stars in the romantic comedy.

Just as Burns offers a tolerant view of the entertainment press, he also admits that he’s not burdened with the face recognition of Hollywood’s most famous actors.

``I get great tickets to Knicks games and get to go to nice restaurants, but it’s not like I’m Leonardo DiCaprio with paparazzi following me.″