Labor Day Fun Facts

September 1, 2018

Two reports recently released by WalletHub provide numerous fun facts and figures regarding the upcoming Labor Day Holiday.

The two reports are a collection of statistics and factoids gathered from various government departments, organizations, and surveys, and include information on food, shopping, travel, and more.

Below are some of the most interesting and fun facts picked out by the Aiken Standard ahead of Monday’s holiday.

25 percent of Americans will travel out of town for Labor Day weekend, 86 percent by car, and seven percent by plane.New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Chicago are the most popular travel destinations.40.6 percent of Americans have plans to barbecue.818 hot dogs are eaten every second between Memorial Day and Labor Day.89 major Labor Day races will be held across the United States during Labor Day weekend.Labor Day is apparently America’s third favorite holiday.Treadmills are the most heavily discounted item during Labor Day weekend shopping relative to the rest of the year.

In-depth information on Labor Day weekend shopping deals can be found in WalletHub’s Best Labor Day Deals & Sales report.

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