CHICAGO (AP) _ A knife-wielding man who held a woman hostage aboard a jetliner at O'Hare International Airport before being persuaded to release her was charged Saturday with air piracy, officials said.

Georgi Jordanov Dinev, 24, described as a Bulgarian and ''a strident anti- communist,'' screamed during the standoff that no one in the United State was interested in his plays, one of which he had with him, officials said.

Dinev entered the Swissair DC-10 as passengers were boarding Friday night for a flight to Zurich, Switzerland, ran to the rear of the plane, grabbed a female passenger and pressed a knife to her throat, FBI spokesman Bob Long said in a prepared statement.

The man demanded to be taken to Switzerland, said Walter Stark, Swissair's Chicago station manager. He described Dinev's play as anti-communist.

The woman was released after about 30 minutes when the plane's captain, Martin Borner, told the man, ''I'm not taking anyone anywhere with a knife,'' Stark said. She had suffered some superficial cuts on her hand, officials said.

The man handed over some papers and surrendered after Borner told him, ''You give me your documents, and I will take them to Switzerland for you.''

About 60 people on the plane were evacuated when the incident began, officials said.

''He said he wanted a plane and he wanted it quick, or he was going to kill her,'' said passenger Gene Hudgens, 51. Dinev said he hated America, Hudgens said.

Long said the bearded man screamed in broken English that ''no one seemed to be interested in his works in this country.''

Flight 125 took off 1 1/2 hours late, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Mort Edelstein. The woman hostage, who was not identified, continued her trip, officials said.

Long said authorities did not know how Dinev got to the plane area, which is about a mile from the terminal. Passengers are bused to and from the terminal.

Dinev was being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center without bond. He appeared Saturday before U.S. Magistrate Elaine Bucklo, who scheduled the next court appearance for Tuesday.

''He is a strident anti-communist, but we don't know whether he is with any group,'' assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Spence said Saturday.

Dinev entered the United States several weeks ago on a Greek passport and a visitor's visa, and officials were trying to determine if he was in the country legally, Spence said.