Notion to build pool in Pine still murky issue

November 14, 2018

Members of Pine Township’s parks and recreation commission are reviving the possibility of adding a pool or other type of water feature to the community park.

John Gill, chairman of the parks and recreation commission, went before the board of supervisors at their most recent meeting with the desire to create a committee that will gauge the public’s interest in adding a pool or splash pad to the park or community center.

“The question comes up of do we want a splash pad, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, all of them but done in phases?” said Gill, adding that creating some type of aquatic feature has been part of the commission’s long-term plans for many years. “To get this off square one, the supervisors want a survey to understand if residents even want this. The second part would be whether residents would be willing to help pay for it.”

The committee, which the board backed and which Gill hopes to have formed within the next month, will consist of two members of the board, two members of the parks and recreation committee, township manager Scott Anderson, director of parks and recreation Joni Patsko and two members from the community.

The plan is to create a brief electronic survey of two or three questions to first determine whether or not residents are interested in exploring options for an aquatic center and, if so, what they might be interested in such a center including.

If the majority of the responses are favorable they could then move forward with preparing a vision and strategic plan with the different options and the associated costs.

Previous attempts to get such a project off the ground have fizzled. A few years ago they did a study to determine what it would cost to build a pool, Gill said, but before they move forward with looking into the costs for different options this year they want to first determine whether or not residents would even be interested.

“We’ve been through this and I don’t think we’ve ever been able to come to an agreement even on what we wanted,” board chairman Michael Dennehy, Jr. said. “Let’s find out how much interest there is in having a pool, aquatic center, whatever you want to put in there.”

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