Monroeville Municipal Authority switching to chlorine to disinfect drinking water

October 6, 2018

The Monroeville Municipal Authority will disinfect drinking water with chlorine instead of chloramines starting Oct. 15 and lasting through April 1, 2019, according to an MMA news release.

MMA said the change is “necessary to maintain the proper bacteriological quality of our drinking water.”

Some customers might notice a change in taste and odor in their drinking water, the news release said. It also said kidney dialysis units, both at home and in facilities, might require modifications depending on their method of chlorine removal.

“Home dialysis users should consult their physician or dialysis machine manufacturer for instructions,” the news release said. Aquatic tank owners should also consult with pet stores for recommended products that will remove chlorine prior to use.

The switch from chloramine to chlorine during colder months is a more efficient way to maintain drinking water quality, said Joe Storey, an MMA compliance manager. The authority has been making the chemical switch since April 2016, when MMA switched water suppliers from Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority, he said.

Customers are encouraged to contact MMA at 412-372-2677 for more information.

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