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Man Charged with Assault After Tackling Mugging Suspect

August 14, 1986

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) _ A good Samaritan said Wednesday he would do it again, even though his last good deed resulted in a broken tooth and an assault charge lodged against him by the mugging suspect he tackled.

James Walski, 30, tackled a man he said was mugging a woman and held him for police.

The mugging suspect, Darryl Dunnell, 20, faces charges, too, but has filed an assault complaint against Walski for ″twisting and jumping on″ his arm during the July 1 incident.

″He hit me and broke my tooth, the tooth my plate was attached to,″ Walski mumbled Wednesday after having two teeth pulled.

″I’ve gone through a lot of trouble, lost a lot of days from work,″ he said. ″I’m going crazy over this.

″But I still would do it again,″ he said.

The truck body welder has to appear in court Aug. 18 to face the assault complaint and again as a witness in the mugging, he said.

Walski said he was having breakfast July 1 when he heard a woman yelling outside.

He gave chase as the mugger dropped the woman’s purse and ran. An unidentified driver picked him up and caught up with the mugger, identified by police as Dunnell.

″When I got out of the car, he hit me,″ Walski said. They struggled, and Dunnel broke away, Walski said. But Walski caught up, and he and two neighbors held the suspect until police arrived.

Days later, Walski said, he got a summons in the mail for assault.

Walski contacted an attorney, who took a $50 consultation fee and said he needed an $450 more for the case.

Walski dropped the attorney but said Wednesday that he had received at least one offer of free legal help.

And then there’s the time off from work.

″Luckily, I have an understanding boss,″ he said.

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