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Omaha hospital denies malpractice allegations

January 24, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — An Omaha health center has denied accusations from two surgeons that malpractice at the hospital led to the death of a 7-month-old child.

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center filed court documents Wednesday saying Dr. Jason Miller, a plastic surgeon, and pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Puccioni weren’t in the operating room and haven’t reviewed the child’s medical records.

The surgeons filed a lawsuit earlier this month against the hospital, hospital CEO Dr. Richard Azizkhan and another pediatric neurosurgeon. The lawsuit alleged that the doctor’s incompetence led to the death of a 7-month-old child.

“For those familiar with the events in question, the unfounded nature of these allegations was clear from the beginning,” the hospital said in its filing.

The lawsuit also contends that Children’s suspended Miller and Puccioni’s privileges to practice there after they questioned the neurosurgeon’s skill and competence. Miller and Puccioni allege that they were intentionally driven away from the hospital and had their reputations attacked.

The hospital said the two surgeons are making false accusations to protect their business interests, and that the surgeons “have callously and intentionally used the tragic death” of a child to make their case.

Puccioni said he and Miller are happy to have the opportunity to tell the truth about the situation.

“Our only desire is to take care of the children of Nebraska in the safe and secure manner,” Puccioni said.

Miller is a board-certified plastic surgeon with training in craniofacial plastic surgery. He has held privileges for more than 10 years at several Omaha-area hospitals. Puccioni, a board-certified pediatric neurosurgeon, has had privileges at several local hospitals for over 17 years.

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