Bannock County to kick off comprehensive plan update with public open house, interactive website

October 5, 2018

POCATELLO – Bannock County will hold a public open house on Tuesday, Oct. 30 to collect feedback from the public on the county’s comprehensive plan update.

The County has also launched www.bannockcounty2040.com, a map-based interactive website to collect feedback from the community.

The open house will be held at the Idaho State University Pond Student Union Building in the Wood River Room (2nd Floor), 1065 Cesar Chavez, Pocatello, from 4 to 7 p.m. The open house format will allow individuals to stop by anytime during the three-hour window to view information about the comprehensive plan and give feedback on county priorities, assets and opportunities.

Bannock County 2040 is a planning effort to help guide future development and investment in the County through an update to the County’s Comprehensive Plan. Bannock County 2040 looks regionally to create positive, synergistic relationships with communities and stakeholders, and will assist the county in three major areas:

* Provide direction on project implementation and public fund expenditures

* Address where and how future development should take place

* Help manage growth

“The plan, when adopted, will serve as a tool for positive development and growth in Bannock County,” said Jeremy Welch, Bannock County Engineer and Planning Director. “The community’s input is vital as we update our comprehensive plan. We encourage citizens in Bannock County to attend the open house on Oct. 30 or use the website to provide feedback.”

If you cannot attend the public meeting on Oct. 30, www.bannockcounty2040.com makes it easy and convenient for the public to provide feedback on this important effort. Anybody can use this website to identify county assets and give comments on areas such as growth, quality of life, transportation, recreation, economic development, etc. By placing feedback directly onto the web-based map, the public can play a vital role in helping the County identify issues and shape future improvements for the County.

Public comments will be accepted until Nov. 14 for this first phase of the comprehensive plan update. For more information on this effort, please contact Andrea Gumm at cp2040@bannockcounty.us or by phone at (208) 870-8751 or Jeremy Welch at jeremyw@bannockcounty.us or (208) 236-7230.

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