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Air Force Glider Crash Kills 2

November 1, 1985

MONUMENT, Colo. (AP) _ An Air Force Academy motorized glider went into a spin and plunged into a meadow near a subdivision, killing a cadet and an instructor, officials said.

Capt. Michael G. McVay, 32, of Canton, S.D., and Cadet Third CLass Bradley W. Hushaw, 19, of Salem, Mo., were killed in the crash Thursday. Gary Schlaefli, 30, of Colorado Springs, who witnesses the crash, said he heard an engine rev and then saw the glider in a spin, ″dropping like a rock.″

Air Force Major Margaret Stanek said the craft was a TG-7A Schweizer motorized glider with a 59.5-foot wingspan and an auxiliary 118-horsepower Lycoming engine. She said the academy has seven of the craft.

The academy said the crash occurred during a training mission. A board of Air Force officers was investigating.

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