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Judge Says Fish-Tie Fight Could Be Whopper

September 16, 1987

MILWAUKEE (AP) _ ″Holy mackerel,″ the judge wrote, ″what a case.″

The comment came as U.S. District Judge Terence T. Evans on Tuesday ordered two companies into court to argue a copyright infringement case involving designer fish ties.

The men’s ties are shaped and colored to resemble various species of fish.

Ralph Marlin Co. of suburban Wauwatosa filed the suit earlier this year against Sports Ties Unlimited of Phoenix, Ariz.

Evans scheduled a hearing Sept. 23 to determine if Sports Ties Unlimited should be prohibited from selling ties resembling the copyright Ralph Marlin products.

The judge, noted for his sometimes whimsical approach, wrote that before accepting the case ″hook, line and sinker,″ he would deny Sports Ties’ motion to dismiss the suit for lack of jurisdiction.

Sports Ties argued it has no connection with Wisconsin, but the judge noted that advertisements for its products have appeared in a Wisconsin magazine and in magazines circulated nationwide.

He said he would reconsider his motion if Sports Ties could prove it did not place the ads.

″At this point, however, they must fish or cut bait here in Wisconsin,″ he wrote.

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