Humpty Trumpty will fall in the end -- Kevin Smith

December 3, 2018

Humpty Trumpty sat on his wall,

Humpty Trumpty is going to fall.

All the boy king’s lawyers and all the boy king’s men,

Won’t be able to put the boy king back together again.

It’s starting to happen. All the lies, corruption and racist, bigoted, anti-semitic rhetoric is going to hit the fan, and the man will lie to the bitter end.

President Donald Trump uses people like the paper towels he threw at the Puerto Ricans, wiping up the messes with them, then throwing them out. The tragic thing about all this is that people still stand in line to serve him until they are no use to him.

He doesn’t act like a president, he acts like a grifting crime boss. People who threaten him become targets of his third-grade attacks. He’s a boy in a man’s suit who doesn’t understand he is a global joke and an embarrassment to this county. Our standing in the world is deteriorating with his schmoozing with dictators and taking their word over our own intelligence.

Well, President Trump, our country is the weakest it’s ever been. It’s the dirtiest it’s ever been, and climate change is real. Fall hard, Humpty, fall hard.

Kevin Smith, Neillsville

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