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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) _ The 6.0 judging system in figure skating would be replaced by a points system in a revolutionary proposal by the president of the International Skating Union.

The plan also calls for 14 judges, rather than the current nine, with seven of the scores thrown out. Judges wouldn't know which scores count, reducing the possibility of judging improprieties that have rocked the Salt Lake City Games.

``This project that is a total revolution in the history of the International Skating Union,'' president Ottavio Cinquanta said. ``But more importantly, I promise this system will reduce to a minimum the prospect of bloc judging.''

Cinquanta presented his reform proposals to the ISU's council Monday morning, and he said there was a ``consensus'' to approve them.

However, the reform package must still be approved by the entire ISU, which will meet in June in Kyoto, Japan, for its biennial congress.

The plan is in its very early stages, and Cinquanta said it was unclear how quickly it could be voted on or implemented.