Unusual Weather

August 24, 2018

As Hawaii braces for the impact of Hurricane Lane, island residents can at least feel comforted they won’t be hit by a double-whammy of natural phenomena.

The Kilauea Volcano in the Big Island has settled down in the last two weeks, and it doesn’t figure to interact much with the approaching storm. The U.S. Geological Service said in its update last night that “Hurricane Lane is forecast to pass to the west of the (Big Island) and should not have a significant effect on the eruption aside from minor rockfalls at the summit and increased’’ steaming.

That’s good news for the thousands of Hawaiians who were affected in numerous ways by the volcanic eruptions that began on May 3. Projections call for the storm, which strengthened to Category 5 early yesterday morning, to dwindle into a Category 2 by the time it gets closest to the islands late today and early tomorrow.

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