MIAMI (AP) _ A 14-year-old boy who spotted an infant in a canal scaled a barbed-wire fence, leaped to a boat and used techniques he'd seen on television to revive the child, whose mother and brother drowned, authorities say.

Hitler Fleurinord of Miami pulled 2-month-old Jamalis Anderson from the Little River Canal on Monday with the help of a friend, Claude Philotete, also 14, but they couldn't reach the baby's mother, Mary Walton, 18, and her other son, 2-year-old Noah Jones, said police Officer E. Alvarez.

Fleurinord gave the infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation that he had learned from watching television, said Philotete. ''He pushed on the baby and blew four times into his mouth. He turned him over and water came out of his mouth, and the baby started breathing a little bit.''

The boys were crossing a bridge over the canal and saw a splash and movement beneath a footbridge a few hundred feet away, Fleurinord said. The boys first thought they had seen manatees, then saw two arms above the surface.

They saw the woman and infant drifting downstream, but couldn't reach them from the bank because of a chainlink fence in the water, topped by barbed wire. Fleurinord worked his way along the fence, then planted one foot between barbs on the wire at one end and pivoted to the other side of the fence. He landed on a narrow dock and leaped 10 feet to the deck of an anchored houseboat.

''The baby stopped against the side of the boat,'' he said. ''I reached down and grabbed him by the leg of his pajamas... I saw the lady going down, head first.''

Philotete, meanwhile, ran toward a shopping center and called for help while Fleurinord revived the baby.

The infant was in critical but stable condition Monday night, said Jackson Memorial Hospital administrator Don Delvecchio.

The Miami Herald reported that the woman had jumped into the water with her sons in an apparent suicide attempt, but Alvarez said police are still investigating.