Letter: When will students be held accountable for behavior?

August 10, 2018

Interesting to read the July 30 Our View regarding the discipline disparities in the Rochester Public Schools.

Nowhere in the article is any mention made of the behaviors being addressed. When does a student have a responsibility to change behavior, or being open to learning in a classroom? Why should a student be allowed to disrupt the education of students who want to learn in a classroom?

The state Human Rights commissioner implied in his presentation in Rochester that it is so important that students remain in the classroom despite disruptive behavior, equating classroom presence to being educated. Again, where is the emphasis on the student’s responsibility to engage in learning? Just spending time in a classroom does not ensure that one is being educated any more than being in an operating room makes one a surgeon.

To have over 19,000 students in the district and have only 1,600 office referrals, and of those 800 are committed by 200 students, does not seem to indicate that RPS has much work ahead. RPS has wonderful teachers and staff. With the upcoming election, we may need to ask how well will the teachers and staff be supported.

Char Derksen, Rochester

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