Dave Tunnell: Why I voted for Deedra Abboud

September 1, 2018


So why did I vote for Deedra Hill Abboud for the Democratic nomination to run for the office of United States Senator from Arizona? It was all about her and the statement I wanted to make with my vote.

Deedra grew up in Arkansas. I grew up in northeast Texas. Our families are neighbors. Deedra took some sort of spiritual quest and found Islam. I took some sort of spiritual quest and found the serenity prayer. Deedra has tried to serve that American system as an immigration attorney. I have tried to serve the American system as an Airman and being a small part of the Veterans Affairs Home Loan Program. Deedra is an American citizen who loves her country. I am an American citizen who loves my country. It appears that we have some things in common.

I’m told that I must have known that her chances of landing a major party nomination for the US Senate were very small. I did know that. So what? It is important that I at least try to follow my convictions. Deedra had the courage to run. I had the duty to vote my conscience.

I was told I would be throwing my vote away or that my vote would not matter. Neither of those things are true. We vote in order to elect the people we want in office. We also vote to let people know there are strong opinions on the other side of the issue. The only votes that are thrown away are those not made because they are thought to be not important or because the potential voter thinks it is beneath him or her to participate. I once had a local politician tell me he did not serve in the military “because Jimmy Carter was president.” None of us are unworthy of participating. None of us are unnecessary for the system. None of us are too worthy to bother. If you disagree with me and the people who think like me, you better vote. We sure are going to do just that.

Dave Tunnell

Lake Havasu City

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