The Omaha area’s 5 best live music spots that aren’t in Benson, midtown or downtown

September 30, 2018

We all know where you can see a concert.

Many of the arenas and clubs are well staked out. Many of them are in our favorite trendy little enclaves, the night-out destinations in downtown and midtown.

But what about closer to where you live?

There are plenty of places elsewhere in town — right in the middle of town, in the burbs, out west, way out west — to catch a show.

Let’s show you where some of them are.


Where is it? Way out west: 27849 West Center Road

What kind of music? Country

Tell me more: It feels like a hole-in-the-wall, small-town bar, and it is. But the food is great, and up-and-coming country artists are just dying to play the place. There’s nothing quite like seeing one of your favorite country singers playing on the “stage” (a floor space near the bathrooms) while everyone’s singing along.

It’s like a small-town bar plucked straight out of a movie.

Upcoming shows: Kayla Ray (Oct. 4), Travis Parker (Oct. 19), Alex Williams (Nov. 16), Ally Venable Band (Dec. 14)

Growler USA

Where is it? West Omaha: 16268 Evans Plaza

What kind of music? Kinda everything.

Tell me more: Growler USA is a national chain of 23 craft beer-focused brewpubs. (More are being built all over the country.) Omaha’s location has 100 taps and a full menu, but unlike other Growler USA locations, it also features live music on most nights.

Sometimes cover bands take the stage, but more often, the live music offerings are from rock bands and singer-songwriters playing originals.

It’s a good spot for a beer and a tasty sandwich, as well as a great place to see a show.

Upcoming shows: Big Daddy Caleb and the Chargers (Oct. 5), David Murphy (Oct. 9), Jessica Errett (Oct. 11), Sailing in Soup (Oct. 13), Bathtub Maria (Oct. 27)

Soaring Wings

Where is it? Springfield: 17111 S. 138th St.

What kind of music? Acoustic

Tell me more: Wine tastings. Dinners. Oh, and regular shows from local bands and singer-songwriters. Fridays are for bands. Sunday afternoons are for acoustic singers. The shows go year-round, too.

When it’s nice enough, concerts take place in Soaring Wings’ beautiful amphitheater.

Upcoming shows: Tim Koehn (Sept. 30), Bill Sammon (Nov. 11)

The Stave

Where is it? Papillion: 320 N. Washington St.

What kind of music? Acoustic

Tell me more: In addition to delicious wine and cheese, there’s also tunes at this spot, which is adjacent to the Northwoods Cheese Haus. On weekends, the spot has live music outside, and it’s perfect for a quiet night. (In the fall and winter, music moves indoors.)

Hanging at The Stave is much like hanging out in a neighbor’s really cool backyard. It helps that it’s set in an actual house.

Lookout Lounge

Where is it? Right in the middle of town: 320 S. 72nd St.

What kind of music? Punk and metal

Tell me more: Hidden in a little strip mall on 72nd Street is the baddest punk club in town. Loud music. Good drinks. It’s something of a dive bar and a club, a place for all-ages punk shows and nights of thunder metal.

(Reminder: Wear earplugs.)

So come for the cheap drinks. Or come for a rocking show. You’ll have a good time either way.

Upcoming shows: Mos Generator (Oct. 8), MCD (Oct. 19), Doyle (Nov. 29)

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