Mitchell: Cougars need to beat the Utes

November 14, 2018

In two weeks, BYU will play Utah in football.

If they lose that game, I will not renew my season ticket unless we have a new coach. I don’t care about bowl eligibility or going to some irrelevant toilet bowl. The only way Coach Sitake should be allowed to remain head coach is to BEAT Utah. I am sure there are many others that feel the same way. He needs to beat Utah, resign or be fired.

Also, the policy of allowing athletes to go on missions should end. Their only mission should be to play four years of their sport. The myth that they come back older and better is a joke. A mission can come afterward. Now, if they come back, they are overweight or out of shape. We now have a potentially great freshman quarterback. If he goes on a mission, the team is back to square one.

I hope he chooses to stay. I know the brethren would prefer to have 11 men be missionaries rather than All-Americans. I prefer the latter. Missions for athletes usually serve no useful purpose at all.

— Neil Mitchell, Provo

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