KIEV, Ukraine (AP) _ Daggers of ice loosened by warm temperatures fell from a rooftop in Kiev, killing one woman and seriously injuring another, officials said Wednesday.

The women, aged 61 and 24, were standing at the entrance to an office building when the falling icicles struck them, the Emergency Situations Ministry said. The older woman was instantly killed and the younger one was hospitalized in critical condition.

An 11-year-old girl also was hit by a falling icicle Tuesday and hospitalized with head injuries, the ministry said.

Temperatures have fluctuated widely in Kiev over the past several days from cold to warm and back to freezing again, causing the formation of large icicles that have then been loosened from overhangs and drains.

As a result, Kiev authorities have sent workers out to inspect rooftops and knock down icicles that threaten people on the street.