Tails hosts fourth annual Clear the Shelter event Saturday

August 17, 2018

DeKALB – Keely Haag of Amboy saw on Facebook that Tails Humane Society was hosting its Clear the Shelter event this weekend, during which most adoption fees will be waived. Haag, 28, saw in the post that visiting the animals eligible for adoption at the shelter beforehand is recommended.

So Haag decided to stop by the DeKalb shelter Tuesday, hopefully to meet an adult or senior cat she can take home this weekend, she said.

Haag said she has a cat at home, named Meow, which she also adopted from Tails as a kitten three years ago, and that Meow is in need of an adult feline companion because Haag and her boyfriend both work during the day. She said she met one cat that might be a good match and plans to come to the Saturday adoption event to see if the cat still is available for adoption.

From there, Haag said, she’ll take it as a sign whether the union was meant to be.

“As of right now, we haven’t found our perfect fur friend yet,” Haag said.

For other DeKalb County residents thinking about getting their own pet, their chance to take home their new furry friends might be from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at the animal shelter, 2250 Barber Greene Road, during the Clear the Shelter event.

Michelle Groeper, executive director of Tails Humane Society, said this is the shelter’s fourth year hosting the event, for which they are partnering with NBC and Telemundo. She said adoption fees will be waived for dogs and cats 6 months old and older during the adoption event, but puppies and kittens also will be available for adoption for the usual fees of $395 and $150, respectively.

Groeper said more than 200 adult cats and dogs have been adopted during Clear the Shelter events since the annual event started at Tails. She said she is hopeful the shelter actually will be cleared this year. The closest Tails has gotten to doing so was getting every adoptable dog and nearly all adoptable cats adopted during the first year, she said.

“It was one of the coolest videos we took of how eerily quiet it was at the end of the day,” Groeper said.

Groeper said adopters are encouraged to visit with animals before the adoption event if possible. She said it also would help the shelter create the best match possible if all members of a household or a current pet can come along, as well, for the Saturday event so that everyone can get a chance to bond with their possible new furry addition to their family.

Groeper said the shelter will strive to make the best match for every family and every pet. If the dog or cat they come in thinking they want to adopt may not be the best match, the shelter will try to find them another pet that day, she said.

“We do quality, not quantity, adoptions,” Groeper said, “even though we’re excited about clearing the shelter.”

Groeper said adoption fees, waived or not, include spaying or neutering the dog or cat, microchipping them, vaccinations and one free veterinarian office visit. She said all of the shelter’s usual adoption policies will be in effect Saturday, which includes bringing a copy of a lease if you are renting an apartment and bringing a photo ID.

Groeper said there is no salary requirement to own a pet, but the shelter likes to remind people there is a financial responsibility that goes into having a dog or cat, including food, toys and continuous vet visits after the adoption.

Haag said it worked out that she is looking for an adult cat to keep her current cat company, since bringing in a new kitten might be more stressful for Meow. But she also knows that adult cats sometimes get overlooked because most people are looking to adopt kittens, she said.

“It’s just important to show love for the older cats, as well,” Haag said.

For information, visit tailshumanesociety.org, or contact Tails at 815-758-2457, ext. 153, or info@tailshumanesociety.org.

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