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September 1, 1988

Undated (AP) _ ″We were just terrified. We jumped on the wing, but it looked like we were jumping into a pit of fire.″ - Mona Thomason, one of the survivors of the fiery crash of a Delta Air Lines jet at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.


″For George Bush to come here and present himself as an environmentalist, it’s like Bonnie and Clyde coming out for gun control.″ - former Sen. Paul Tsongas, D-Mass., in Boston, on the Republican presidential candidate’s plan to criticize Democratic opponent Michael Dukakis’ role in cleaning up Boston Harbor.


″We are prepared to open opportunities to American entrepreneurs. Everyone wants to eat and everyone is willing to pay for it. We will find a way to divide up the money.″ - Soviet restaurateur Andrei Fyodorov, who has come to the United States seeking investment in Soviet experiments in private enterprise such as his Moscow cafe.

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