NFL investigating laser pointed at Tom Brady during Chiefs game

January 22, 2019

The NFL will investigate a report that a laser was pointed at New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during pivotal moments of Sunday’s AFC championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

KMBC in Kansas City showed footage Monday that showed a green dot flickering around Brady’s face. The station’s cameraman found two instances of the light being flashed on plays in the fourth quarter.

Our photographer, Turner Twyman, caught someone pointing what appears to be a laser pointer in Tom Brady’s face last night. Play between the “muff” that wasn’t and Sorensen int. @NFL, @Patriots and @Chiefs all told me they weren’t aware of the incident. pic.twitter.com/ejWBQ6i64C William Joy (@WilliamKMBC) January 21, 2019

An NFL spokesman told the Boston Herald that the league was looking into the incident, but “it didn’t affect the game, as far as we know.”

The Patriots won 37-31 in overtime to advance to the Super Bowl.

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