Letter to the editor: Don’t fall prey to evil

September 5, 2018

In response to the grand jury report on abuse by clergy within the Catholic Church: Like anyone who possesses a shred of morality, I am appalled and saddened by this report. As a fervent lifelong Catholic and active parishioner at St. Gregory Catholic Church in Zelienople, I pronounce clearly: Bring to justice those who haven’t seen justice, and bring mercy upon those who have suffered.

I state plainly: The church should never be immune from civil and criminal law. However, what civil and criminal law does not address, but is dire to our humanity, is acknowledging the existence of evil. The contents of this report are examples of the manifestation of evil.

Let us not fall prey to the successes of evil by sensationalizing the failures of righteousness. Humanity habitually ignores evil itself in favor of defining the manifestation of evil. What if we, through the manifestation of righteousness, focused on learning and sharing the gifts of faith, hope, and love? Might evil, in its indiscernibility, be defeated by its discernible counterpart, sanctity?

Evil thrives in anonymity with indiscriminate aliases like “blame” and “motive.” Their given names are listed in this report. Sanctity, conversely, is often displaced; because to rationalize love means acknowledging a definition of perfect love, who goes by only one name: Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Alan Martin


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