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Pentagon Issues New Alert For American Servicemen In Panama

March 15, 1988

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The U.S. Southern Command issued a precautionary ″personnel movement″ alert Tuesday to American servicemen and their dependents in Panama, the Pentagon said.

Capt. Nancy LaLuntas, a spokeswoman, said the ″Bravo″ alert was declared Tuesday afternoon amid reports of continuing civil unrest and demonstrations against the government of Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega.

The Pentagon on Monday dispatched Marine and Air Force anti-terrorism and security police units to Panama to help protect U.S. facilities there.

The new alert orders American military personnel and dependents to ″decrease their visibility.″

A Bravo alert specifies: ″Some civil disturbance activity is probable. Reduce the amount of time spent in public areas of Panama. If you do not live on a defense site or military area of coordination, stay around your residence unless traveling to and from work or conducting personal business in a non- affected area.″

According to LaLuntas, the next step in the alert system would be a ″Personnel Movement Limitation Charlie,″ which would be ordered in the event of major civil disturbances and would ban travel to public areas except for essential business.

The final, and highest, alert would be a ″PML Delta,″ which would advise Americans that serious civil disturbances were occuring and all travel should be suspended.

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