Several states to be represented at dog trial

September 22, 2018

MADISON — A busy fall weekend in Norfolk and Madison County includes a new event taking placing here.

The Diamond W. Classic Cattle Dog Trial, sanctioned by the Southwest Cattle Dog Association, will take place at the Madison County Fairgrounds. It’s another option for those taking in Oktoberfest in Norfolk, the Lions Club parade, the Riverpoint Arts Festival and other weekend activities.

The trial will take place Saturday to Monday, Sept. 22-24. Competition begins each day at 8 a.m. and will go until finished. That can vary depending on obstacles and dogs, but is estimated to be about 4 p.m. daily. There is no charge to attend.

Brandi Weinrich, who helped to bring the trial to Nebraska, said it is believed to be the first time this trial ever was held in the county.

She said the Southwest Cattle Dog Association mostly holds trials in western Texas, eastern New Mexico and Colorado, but it agreed to have this event in Nebraska.

It is hoped that this exposure might bring additional interest in training and competing with cattle dogs.

Most of the dogs that are competing will be border collies, but they aren’t all the traditional-looking black and white animals most people think of. These border collies can be other colors and sizes as well, Weinrich said.

Anyone working cattle knows that a good cattle dog can be worth a couple of hired hands — or a good horse, she said.

Weinrich has been competing with two of her dogs for three years. She and her husband, Todd, along with her her son, Austin Wickett, stepson, Travis Weinrich, and his wife, Brigett, are involved in training their cattle dogs.

Some of the states expected to be represented at the competition will include Oklahoma, Washington, South Dakota, Kentucky, Missouri, Utah and Kansas.

Weinrich said one of the things she enjoys the most about the competition is the camaraderie among the competitors.

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