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Ousted Tehran Mayor Sentenced to Jail

January 23, 2003

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) _ The ousted mayor of Tehran has been sentenced to five months in jail and barred from public office for abusing his position and corruption, state-run Tehran television reported Thursday.

Mohammad Hasan Malak-Madani, considered a member of the reformist faction, was elected mayor by the Tehran City Council last February.

The Interior Ministry fired Malak-Madani on Monday after he refused to resign.

The ban imposed on Malak-Madani bars him from municipal service for five years and from other government service for three years, the television quoted a judiciary statement as saying.

``The former Tehran mayor has been convicted of misusing his position to prevent implementation of legal decisions and obtaining illegal funds,″ the statement was quoted as saying.

Details about the convictions weren’t provided, but the abuse of position charge was believed to have stemmed from Malak-Madani’s refusal to implement City Council decisions. He often was at loggerheads with the 15-member council. There has been no elaboration on the accusation of obtaining illegal funds.

The broadcast said Malak-Madani could appeal within 20 days. It did not say when the verdict and sentence were passed.

Malak-Madan’s dismissal came days after the Interior Ministry dissolved the Tehran City Council for failing to agree on how to best run the capital. A caretaker mayor has been appointed until a new council is formed. City and village council elections are scheduled for Feb. 28 throughout Iran.

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