Letters To The Editor 10/01/2018

October 1, 2018


Sham hearing

Editor: Is this the United States of America? You wouldn’t guess it if you watched the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday for Professor Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

It wasn’t a mock trial — it was a mockery of a trial. The hearing gave a sexually harassed woman, who has borne her trauma in silence for 30-some years, the opportunity to tell her story to discourage the Senate from appointing Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. She came into the public arena reluctantly and painfully because she did not want someone who had a history of sexual abuse to sit on the most sacred of our courts — potentially for decades.

The Republican male senators on the committee, unwilling to interrogate her themselves or take the time for a thorough investigation of the charges, hired a woman prosecutor to question Ford as though she were a perpetrator and not the victim of the alleged sexual assault.

Ford’s careful and respectful answers to all queries was followed by a manic, partisan rant by the would-be justice. The contrast in tone, civility and truthfulness were frightening. There was a feeling that the rush to put Kavanaugh on the court might be unaffected by this fake hearing.

Many of us, women and men, Democrats, Republicans and independents, new and older citizens, are wringing our hands. If Kavanaugh the candidate becomes Kavanaugh the justice, what can we do?

Don’t sit back or assume that corrupt politics is the new norm. Let’s make sure it’s the past. Vote in members of Congress, representatives and senators, who vow to be there for the right reason — to make America, once again, a place where it is possible to hope for and work toward a more perfect union.




No proof needed

Editor: A woman who accuses Judge Brett Kavanaugh could succeed in destroying his reputation for an incident that she alleges happened 35 years ago. She allegedly cannot recall where or when it happened.

She had no physical evidence or other proof. She could create a precedent for this country. We all could be charged without proof, witnesses or anything else. This is communistic. Beware, our freedom is at stake.




Gutless GOP

Editor: Republican leaders need to get tough and start taking on the lying liberal left politicians.

Why do Republicans just sit there and allow them to call us dregs of society? Why would they allow liberals to turn a Supreme Court hearing into a kangaroo court? Will they stand up and fight or are they that gutless?

There’s nothing worse than a gutless cowards, which Republicans have turned out to be .




Impact concealed

Editor: If you were unable to earn enough to pay your annual bills, would you take out a large loan every year and send it gratis to your rich uncle? That’s unlikely.

Yet that is exactly what Republican lawmakers have done. Although we run an annual deficit, they have returned large amounts of revenue to corporations and wealthy individuals through the tax cut. This lost revenue must now be borrowed every year and interest must be paid on it.

After the coming elections this debt burden will be considered unacceptable and they will call for cuts to be made not to the tax reductions, but to programs that benefit the middle and lower income segments of the population. Particularly affected will be people on fixed incomes who will face rising inflation and reduced benefits in programs such as Medicare.

The boost to the economy by the transfer of so much federal money will be temporary because so little of it has gone to fuel consumption, which drives 70 percent of our economy. While the stock market has skyrocketed wages have only gone up about 2.5 percent, about the same as inflation. The vast majority of Republican Party supporters will suffer by this politically motivated gift to the wealthy.



Survival of rightist

Editor: For the past 40 years, I have tried to become an expert on conservative political thought.

I believe it is important to share one finding I have learned. There now appears to be a much larger number of conservatives who are essentially “survival-of-the-fittest” social Darwinists than there were during the 1950s through 1970s. This means, I believe, that they want to abolish and eliminate all federal government safety-net programs including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and student loans for college.

Some of them are members of Congress within the House Freedom Caucus, the former tea party, and some are movement conservatives who oppose big government. You can find a heavy dose of such thinking in conservative think tanks such as Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute.

While some of these groups are open and transparent about their beliefs, many use hidden stealth tactics to influence opinion and political decision-making.

I highly recommend the books “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer and “Democracy In Chains” by Nancy MacLean.




School tax voter

Editor: In November I will be a one-issue voter based on the elimination of our unsustainable school property tax.

In the blue corner, state Sen. John Blake in September of 2014 voted yes from the Finance Committee to send Senate Bill 76 to the floor. Unfortunately, it was tabled indefinitely. Blake had three years to tweak or amend SB 76, which would eliminate school property taxes, to address his concerns.

We don’t want relief, reform, rebate or any other feel-good legislation, we need elimination of the tax.

In the red corner, state Senate candidate Frank Scavo’s platform and goal would be to eliminate school property taxes. The Republican gubernatorial nominee, Sen. Scott Wagner, promises to eliminate school property taxes as governor and it has made this an easy decision for me.



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