Fred Barber: Divisions and disagreements

November 29, 2018


I just read Ron Miller’s letter (Nov. 27) concerning the subjects I had written about the day before. Thank you, Mr. Miller, you just proved beyond a doubt that the things I had written were true.

Sometimes Europe has a good idea. For example one of the larger countries gives tests to their young students to see what they are best at. They are transferred to technical schools if they seem to have an aptitude for mechanics, construction, or perhaps electricity. These same Europeans don’t seem to have a degree program for “Women’s Studies.” Where would they get a job in that field?

We do the same thing in the DOD here, new recruits are given tests early in basic training and are sent to various kinds of military technical schools. I took a series of those tests back just as the Korean War was starting — I was good at mechanical things the tests said — I was sent to aircraft mechanic school. That was great. After discharge near the end of Korea, I went into aerospace and spent the rest of my life in engineering.

Miller also writes about “division” within our country—nothing has been more divisive than the last eight years of the former White House resident. The new resident, President Trump, has had a hard time healing us — the Left in Congress has made that almost impossible.

One great thing our president has done, is to get rid of some of the outlandish and racist things that were done to people for the last 20 years. There have been some pardons — pardons for people who should have been out of prison years ago (or not inside at all). And African American folks were incarcerated at brobdingnagian numbers—that stuff should never have happened in Christian America.

So thanks again Mr. Miller for proving me correct.

Fred Barber

Lake Havasu City

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