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BC-GA--Georgia Weekend Items,ADVISORY, GA

August 31, 2018


Here’s a list of Georgia stories expected to move so far for this weekend - Sept. 1-3, 2018.

Moving Saturday


SAVANNAH, Ga. — With its time-capsule collection of Victorian mansions and antebellum churches overlooking oak-shaded squares, Savannah has long taken great pride — and built a nearly $3 billion tourism economy — from its standing as a National Historic Landmark, a designation awarded to America’s most prized treasures preserved from the past. And while nearly 2,000 historic homes and buildings survive in Savannah’s downtown landmark district, the National Park Service has found that decades of growth and modernization have steadily eroded the framework that ties them all together. Savannah’s unique town plan of homes and buildings grouped around public squares, all connected by a grid of streets and lanes, was devised by Gen. James Edward Oglethorpe when he founded Georgia in 1733 as the last of England’s 13 North American colonies. After months of study, the Park Service released findings last week that decades of new development, including large hotels and government buildings, have damaged Savannah’s historic integrity because they don’t fit within Oglethorpe’s framework. The agency downgraded the condition of the landmark district from “satisfactory” to “threatened.” By Russ Bynum. 800 words. AP Photo.


COLUMBUS, Ga. — Columbus is vying for a bigger role in Georgia’s TV and movie-making industry, and a new studio is part of the local effort. Flat Rock Studio is a state-of-the-art sound stage and production facility that has been set up by the W.C. Bradley Co. The studio is also the new home of Columbus State University’s film program.

Information from The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. UPCOMING: 350 words.

Moving Sunday


NEW ORLEANS — Plans to hold “Drag Queen Story Hour” in some Southern communities has sparked controversy. The events, featuring drag queens reading stories to children at local libraries, schools and bookstores, are designed as a way to give children queer role models and understand gender fluidity. But critics say it’s a way to indoctrinate children into a lifestyle they find unacceptable and against their moral beliefs. Recent plans to hold the drag queen-led reading time at public libraries in Lafayette, La., Mobile, Ala. and Columbus, Ga. Have sparked protests and community pushback. By Kevin McGill. UPCOMNG: 700 words. AP Photo pursuing.


ROME, Ga. — Police in north Georgia have responded to multiple reports of motorists colliding with deer in recent days — and state wildlife officials say the danger will escalate through the fall. Rome police recently investigated three reports of deer crashing into moving cars within a two-day span.

Information from The Rome News-Tribune. UPCOMING: 250 words.

Moving Monday


SAVANNAH, Ga. — Police in Savannah plan to use drones to help in a variety of situations, such as searches for missing persons and car crash investigations. Police say high-resolution cameras will provide a full picture of accident scenes, while thermal imaging can be used to pick up the heat signatures of missing people. Information from The Savannah Morning News. Savannah joins at least three other police departments in Georgia using drones, including the city of Duluth and Gwinnett and Henry counties.

Information from The Savannah Morning News. UPCOMING: 350 words.

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Moving Saturday


VALDOSTA, Ga. — City residents lined up in a packed Mathis City Auditorium for their chance to wish Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress a happy retirement. City officials and members of the public gathered Tuesday to share their personal stories about the chief and celebrate his legacy.

By Thomas Lynn. The Valdosta Daily Times.

Moving Sunday


GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Growing up in Laos gave Enoy Chanlyvong every opportunity he needed to fall in love with dragon boat racing. But it never stuck. Each year, he watched others from the village he lived in cut down a tree and carve a dragon boat out of it.

By Layne Saliba. The Gainesville Times.

Moving Monday


NEWNAN, Ga. — For more than four decades, Barbara Tumperi has placed the needs of others above her own. The 80-year-old woman married and raised children — a daughter and two sons — as the family moved around the country.

By Melanie Ruberti. The Newnan Times-Herald.

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