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Hezbollah boasts it had an agent in Israel’s Mossad

December 29, 1997

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) _ The Islamic guerrilla group Hezbollah said Monday it infiltrated Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency with a double agent who fed Israel disinformation about the militants for more than a year.

Mousa Zein, a member of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah, told reporters that he worked with Mossad under the alias Albert Pylos and returned to Lebanon eight months ago.

Israel denied knowledge of any such infiltration.

Nayef Koraim, Hezbollah’s chief spokesman, called Zein’s infiltration ``one of Hezbollah’s most important security victories against the Zionist enemy.″

Zein, 29, said he was captured by Israeli troops in the Israeli-occupied border enclave in southern Lebanon in July 1992 and spent the next three years in an Israeli prison.

Under torture and psychological pressure, Zein said he gave the Israelis ``minor information″ that would not have harmed Hezbollah interests. Later, he said, he agreed to work for Mossad as an agent, and was given an Israeli passport and sent to Southeast Asia and Europe.

He said he remained in contact with Hezbollah, which passed on misleading information for him to feed to the Israelis.

Zein offered no details of information he had passed on.

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