Commissioners clear up pay, cell phone reimbursements

January 11, 2019

OREGON – The City Council clarified a pay policy for elected officials, and granted a one-time exception to its cellphone reimbursement policy at this week’s meeting.

The pay policy stipulates that the commissioners and mayor be paid $25 for each city meeting they attend, including the Planning Commission and Economic Community Development Committee.

It also allows the commissioners and mayor to get the same health insurance coverage as city employees, but they must pay 100 percent of the premiums.

The policy has been in place for several years, but not all commissioners were aware of its provisions, Mayor Ken Williams said.

The council also has a provision that allows elected officials to be reimbursed $40 a month if they use their personal cellphones for city business. It requires that claims be filed in the calendar year the cost was incurred.

Some commissioners also were unaware of the reimbursement, policy, though, so the council, agreed to allow one-time reimbursements be granted back to 2015, when the current council took office.

That will cost the city about $9,600, which will come from the general fund.

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