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More Wind, Rain for Northwest; Snow, Freezing Rain in East

January 9, 1990

Undated (AP) _ Snow and freezing rain slapped the East Coast from southern New England to the Appalachians today. The Pacific Northwest got more wet, windy weather.

Charleston, W.Va., got 7 inches of new snow, but was expected to melt today as temperatures rose into the 50s.

Up to 4 inches of snow was expected today in the Catskills and New York’s lower Hudson Valley.

Winter weather advisories for snow mixed with freezing rain were posted in inland Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and in much of Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Continued high winds and up to 3 inches of rain were expected today in Northern California, the Oregon coast and western Montana. Wind gusts to 64 mph were reported early today along the central Oregon coast, while winds of up to 50 mph were forecast in Wyoming and Colorado.

An urban flood warning for today was called in Portland, Ore., and Vancouver, Wash. Drainage was slowed by debris from weekend wind storms.

High wind warnings were posted for the upper Yellowstone Valley of south- central Montana and northeast Colorado. In Colorado, winds gusted Monday to 108 mph at Masonville, near Fort Collins, and to 104 mph at the Winter Park ski area.

Gusty winds damaged trees and utility lines from southwest Wyoming to Pullman, Wash.

Advisories for blowing and drifting snow were called for Colorado’s northern and central mountains.

Rain continued today over northeastern North Carolina and eastern Virginia. Rain mixed with snow extended from Maryland to southern New England.

Rain also fell on parts of Iowa, western Oregon and northwest California.

Michigan and Wisconsin expected several inches of snow today.

New high temperatures for Jan. 8 set on Monday included 45 in Duluth, Minn.; 46 in Eau Claire, Wisc. and St. Cloud, Minn.; 58 in Ely, Nev.; 64 in Reno, Nev.; 68 in Stockton, Calif.; 69 in Sacramento, Calif., and 86 in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, Fla.

Monday’s highest temperature in Lower 48 states was 87 in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Scotts Bluff, Neb.’s Jan. 8 record high of 62 degrees - set 93 years ago - was tied near noon. Three hours later, a cold front moved through, dragging the mercury to 43 degrees.

Other reports at 3 a.m. EST today:

-EAST: Albany, N.Y. 26 cloudy; Atlanta 39 foggy; Boston 36 cloudy; Buffalo 37; Charleston, S.C. 49 cloudy; Chattanooga 34 fair; Cincinnati 39 partly cloudy; Cleveland 37 partly cloudy; Detroit 37 cloudy; Hatteras 42 cloudy; Jacksonville 47 partly cloudy; Key West 69 fair; Knoxville 32 fair; Macon 40 fair; Miami 68 fair; New York 36 partly cloudy; Philadelphia 32 fair; Pittsburgh 31 partly cloudy; Portland, Maine 33 cloudy; Richmond 32 foggy; Tampa 53 fair; Washington, D.C. 34 fair.

-CENTRAL: Birmingham 33 fair; Bismarck 31 cloudy; Chicago 40 cloudy; Denver 45 fair; Des Moines 39 cloudy; Fort Worth 50; Indianapolis 41 cloudy; Kansas City 49 cloudy; Little Rock 49 partly cloudy; Louisville 44 cloudy; Memphis 45 partly cloudy; Nashville 39 fair; New Orleans 44 foggy; North Platte 42 fair; Oklahoma City 49 partly cloudy; Omaha 41 partly cloudy; Rapid City 39 windy; St. Louis 50 cloudy; Minneapolis-St. Paul 36 partly cloudy; Sault Ste. Marie 30 foggy; San Antonio 42 fair.

-WEST: Albuquerque 43 fair; Anchorage -1 partly cloudy; Boise 44 d 39 foggy; Pendleton 50 cloudy; Phoenix 50 fair; Portland, Ore. 56 rain; Reno 33 fair; Salt Lake City 37 cloudy; San Diego 54 foggy; San Francisco 55 cloudy; Seattle 45 rain; Spokane 38 rain.

-INTERNATIONAL: Calgary 28 partly cloudy; Montreal 23 partly cloudy; Ottawa 28 cloudy; Regina 21 foggy; Toronto 34 cloudy; Winnipeg 16 cloudy; San Juan 74.

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