City mascot getting his due with March block party

August 5, 2018

BULLHEAD CITY — Not everyone knows Bullhead City has an official mascot named Bravo the Bull. But expect to see a lot more of him because the city’s big-eyed and furry emissary of goodwill is going to have a street festival named after him.

The first-ever “Bravo’s Block Party” is scheduled for the weekend of March 23-24, with an array of activities for the family: vendors, carnival, live entertainment and, of course, “bull-themed games,” said Jackie Walker, the city’s sponsorship coordinator.

“It will showcase Bravo and all things Bullhead,” she said.

A kettle corn cook-off will be a highlight within this street festival.

“We wanted to offer something that would be unique,” Walker said. “It’ll be the sweetest smelling event around.”

Bravo’s first public appearance in Bullhead City was at the Boombox Parade in 2002. He had no name at that time, so local schoolchildren were invited to participate in a contest to provide him with one. He visited schools and talked to students about naming the

bull. There was a $100 award to the class and school for coming up with the best name.

“So many kids, so many names,” recalled Jack Hakim, former mayor and city council member.

He was on the council then and bought the bull costume with his own money because he thought the city needed something positive to represent Bullhead City. It wasn’t a purchase the city government could afford at the time, however.

“I didn’t want something that could frighten kids,” Hakim said. “I wanted something happy.”

Someone in city government — then and now — donned the bull costume for the mascot’s debut, but Hakim declined to identify the person.

“I think it should remain a mystery,” he joked.

Over the years, Bravo has been an honored guest at numerous city and Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce functions. Recently, he was at last month’s Splash Bash, wearing shorts and bright, oversized sunglasses. Children in and out of the water wanted to greet Bravo as he made his way around the Community Pool and adjacent Ken Forvargue Park.

The mascot also appeared at the opening ceremony of the Monsoon Madness pickleball tournament, Walker said.

The city is preparing vendor packets, kettle corn contest entry forms, sponsorship packages and nonprofit partnership forms. Walker plans for all of this to be posted on the city’s website and Bullhead City-Laughlin Events Facebook page by early September.

“Our goal is to really brand his name leading up to the street festival,” Walker said.

But not to brand him.

Ideas for the upcoming event can be sent to Walker at jwalker@bullheadcity.com.

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