Barry’s column muddied the water -- Michael Redmond

October 1, 2018

Jonathan Barry’s Sept. 23 column, ” Six ways to address flooding,” demonstrates why managing waters in the Yahara basin is so controversial.

Barry selectively sites two experts to prove his point that lowering the summer minimum level of Lake Mendota is the absolute first action to take. Historian and writer David Mollenhoff is sited to fully justify this approach.

Then, Richard Lathrop, a recognized UW-Madison limnology researcher and expert on Madison lakes, is sited for his recommendation to clear weeds and improve water flow through lakes Monona, Waubesa and Kegonsa.

But if you actually read Lathrop’s opinion piece from Sept. 15, you will see that he does not advocate lowering Lake Mendota’s level. By selectively excluding Lathrop’s views, Barry muddies the waters.

Michael Redmond, Madison

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