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Honduran Boy Tests Positive for TB

July 3, 1999

NEW YORK (AP) _ The 13-year-old Honduran boy who made up a story of traveling to New York in search of his father has been hospitalized after testing positive for tuberculosis.

Edwin Sabillon was admitted to a Long Island hospital late Thursday. The skin test indicates that he may have been exposed to the disease, but it does not conclusively show infection.

``The determination of whether this is an infectious, active case of tuberculosis or just representation of a prior exposure has to be made,″ Dr. Neal Cohen said Friday.

Edwin is expected to stay in the hospital another week.

The boy duped police and city officials with his tale of a fantastic journey hitchhiking and riding buses from Central America to New York City to meet a father he never met. He had said his mother, brother and grandfather were killed in a mudslide last year when Hurricane Mitch pummeled Central America.

But interviews conducted by The Associated Press showed that Edwin’s mother is alive and living in Honduras, his father died of AIDS last year, and that he had been living in Florida with an aunt since March.

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