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BC-WI--Wisconsin Weekend Exchange Digest, WI

January 30, 2019

Here are the Wisconsin AP Member Exchange Features for Feb. 2-4:



KENOSHA, Wis. _ Ten days before the music died, rock ‘n’ roll was alive and well in Kenosha. Teen heartthrob Buddy Holly joined rising stars Dion and the Belmonts, Ritchie Valens and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson for the second stop of the infamous Winter Dance Party tour on Jan. 24, 1959, at the Eagles Ballroom. More than 1,500 screaming teenagers squeezed into a packed ballroom to witness a performance that would soon become _ certainly far sooner than anyone envisioned _ a significant piece of music history. Just one month past her 13th birthday, Kenosha resident Pat Keating arrived hours early to assure a front-row spot at the stage. By Jeffrey Zampanti, Kenosha News. SENT IN ADVANCE: 762 words, photo.


WASHBURN, Wis. _ Hannah Stonehouse Hudson is sitting on a stool, hunched over a hole in the ice on Lake Superior near Washburn, Wisconsin. The ice here, about a half mile from shore, is 9 inches thick, a cool greenish color, and every so often, it shifts and moves, making wild noises. But it took her a while to get to this point _ to the point where she’s comfortable ice fishing here on the lake. By Dan Kraker, Minnesota Public Radio News. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1014 words.



JANESVILLE, Wis. _ Tom Eckert recalls a time when he was recuperating from surgery at home. Sister Lauretana Gorman of Janesville’s St. John Vianney Catholic Church invited him on a day trip to boost his spirits. The two drove to Sister Lauretana’s motherhouse at Sinsinawa Mound in southwestern Wisconsin. He was not surprised that Sister Lauretana invited him, a longtime member of the church, to accompany her. By Anna Marie Lux, The Janesville Gazette. SENT IN ADVANCE: 708 words, photo.


MADISON, Wis. _ Financial struggles led Leon Statz to sell his 50 dairy cows, causing the third-generation farmer to become depressed. Then land next to his 200-acre farm near Loganville went up for sale _ land his late father had said he should buy. Statz, who didn’t have the money, became hopeless. On Oct. 8, the day the adjacent property hit the market; Statz killed himself on his farm. He was 57. By David Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1468 words, photos.

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