Letter: America is a catastrophe

October 2, 2018

Being an American over the past two years has been difficult but after arriving home from work last night and seeing Sen. Graham’s “performance” at the judicial hearing earlier that day, it is now difficult or, rather, embarrassing to be a South Carolinian. This Senator has made it clear all along that he is not an impartial member of this committee. However, the vitriolic anger that he displayed was astonishing.

My naivete as a youth in thinking that the Supreme Court was apolitical and that all members of the legislature were open minded, truth seekers who would do what was in the interest of the nation and its citizens was laid to waste long ago. I now feel sympathy for today’s youth as they grow up in a much uglier and more dangerous time than I did.

The Senator’s nauseating meltdown yesterday is just one of the many microcosms of the current state of affairs in the country. We used to be able to depend on this Senator to stand-up to the person in the White House but over the last several months he has shown us his 180 degree turn with his fealty to a man that he used to rightly castigate.

Someone must have informed Graham that if he doesn’t bow to the king that the wight walkers of this state will not vote for his re-election. I think he can rest easy, however, because the odds of this state electing anything but a Republican is about as likely as the state of Mississippi removing the confederate battle flag from their official state flag.

We know why this lifetime nominee was chosen: he was the only one who has stated that a sitting president cannot be indicted. The Senate Majority Leader asked for him to not be nominated due to some troubling issues. There were plenty of other potentials without character and judgment flaws who could easily have passed much like Alito, Gorsuch and Roberts did. However, we will now be dealing with a justice who thinks this hearing is “the revenge of the Clintons”. Wow. Just wow.

The Republican’s next steps may include purging the court of certain justices as happened this summer in a newly fascist Poland.

The world sees us as a joke. Their figurative laughter turned literal this week at the U.N. But I don’t laugh. I weep because we are not a joke…we are a catastrophe.

Danny Perrine


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