eCampus program explained

March 21, 2019

The Watertown Unified School District Board of Education on Monday conducted a discussion on providing students with further opportunities for eCampus educations via an update from Bob Logan.

The Watertown district is set apart from some other area districts in terms of the aggressiveness by which it pursues its goals in the area of the eCampus curriculum and it has paid dividends in the eyes of district officials.

Logan provided an update and discussed future planning.

Fall of 2016-17 marked the official launch of the programming and Logan reported there were 189 unique courses offered at Watertown High School and 248 students have taken 598 courses so far this year. This is a 29 percent increase from the previous year.

A total of 35 courses were offered at the middle school involving nine students who took 32 courses.

A total of 31 courses were offered at the elementary school, with four students taking 16 of them.

As the project was being discussed, organizers agreed that the approach to learning is new and unique, but not for everybody.

For the students who can absorb it, however, it is a great thing.

“Some kids were struggling and this has been something that helps,” Logan said.

Logan noted the program has worked so well in certain areas of study some students have been turned away for a bit because there has not been the district staffing to support it.

“Some kids have been struggling and this has been something that helps,” Logan said, noting some students have emotional or medical needs that are addressed by the program.

Some children have at times been struggling, district officials said, and this is a program that helps them.

The program even helps some students graduate early.

“There is a myriad of reasons why students use this,” Logan said.

More discussions on this subject will be conducted, along with updates, at future school district meetings.

Presentations were conducted on health insurance matters for the district, along with reports from those who attended WASB Convention events.

The Gosling Career Fair is scheduled for Friday and spring break will follow.

At the close of the meeting, 2019-20 budget drivers, 2019 summer school staff and 2019 teacher contracts were approved.

The meeting saw Mike Lafler thanked for his many contributions over the years of master craftsmanship and “mascot art.”

Youth Apprenticeship and Cooperative Skill Program Recognition was provided by Cyndy Sandberg. Sandberg herself was recognized for her “job well-done” in the program “year after year.”

Karrie Uttech was recognized for her service to the school board with a resolution.