When it rained, it poured Wednesday inside Houston’s new Glassell School

July 5, 2018

The new Glassell School building on the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s campus did not prove to be entirely water-tight during Wednesday’s heavy rain storms, which dumped about 8 inches of water on some areas of the city.

Water pooled on the BBVA Compass Roof Garden and found its way inside by seeping under a door atop an open stairwell that leads visitors to the roof, temporarily creating an unwelcome waterfall. Museum officials said they did not know how much water got in, although it was quickly mopped up, and no damage was done to the building or its contents.

During Hurricane Harvey, while the building was still under construction, the underground parking garage — which has flood gates that activate when water comes from the street — took on several feet of water because the roof wasn’t yet closed, and water came from above.

Wednesday’s downpour was the first real weather test the building has had since it opened in May.

“Obviously there’s something we need to address,” said Mary Haus, the museum’s head of marketing and communications.

The Junior School is on summer break this week, but classes for children are ongoing, and full. The building’s adult and professional studios will be fully occupied this fall.


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