An awesome climate where memories are created

October 8, 2018

I go to Lutheran High Northeast and every year we have homecoming really early in September. Most other students are surprised by the early date, but Lutheran High students don’t mind one bit.

Homecoming week for Lutheran High is very exciting for everyone, and for many different reasons.

A normal homecoming week for Lutheran High has a variety of activities. As a student body, Lutheran High dresses up every day with a different theme, attends pep rallies and almost everyone goes to the homecoming football game. We also have contests between classes for costumes and exciting games that we play. Each class is assigned to decorate their hallway with an assigned theme and at the end of the week are ranked by their successful efforts.

Both girls and guys enjoy homecoming. Everyone is always very eager to have fun and compete against one another. Each year we have a different theme and when it comes to decorating and games, both girls and guys enjoy participating.

Homecoming week is an awesome time at Lutheran High because we try to get everyone involved in the activities. Students enjoy being able to interact with each other even more throughout the school day. Plus, everyone always takes interest in hot topics like who asked whom to the homecoming dance.

The homecoming dance is a favorite of everyone. It’s a big finale to the week where everyone dresses up and enjoys hanging out.

One of the reasons homecoming at Lutheran High Northeast is so awesome is because how closely knit the student body is. Students get extremely excited at competitions and love participating in activities all in their own way.

Homecoming creates an awesome climate where everyone looks back and laughs at memories.

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