Why Is Toomey Hurting Us?

January 23, 2019

Editor:I live in a very Republican district in Tioga county. This government shutdown has made us very afraid. We are in danger of losing valuable government resources that literally help keep some of us alive. Programs like WIC and SNAP are major help to poor people in this area. Also, many of us rely on our tax refund to help us get through. This is money that the government uses at zero interest. Now we may not get the money that we are owed. What would happen if I stopped doing my job because I didn’t agree with my coworkers? I would lose my job. Yet Sen. Pat Toomey is still employed and still collecting a paycheck and still enjoying the benefits and perks of a job he is not doing. Toomey is robbing poor people to appease a criminal president. Yes, the overwhelming consensus is that our president is not working in our best interest. We blame the president for demanding a wall that he promised the taxpayer would not pay for. We were promised Mexico would pay for it. Now, word is we are keeping our government shut down to appease this complicit criminal in the destruction of the poverty class. We cannot afford a wall. Toomey is supposed to be fiscally conservative, yet he wants to spend $5 billion out of my tax dollars to pay for a wall people do not want. Where is his courage to represent us? We are the people who vote for him. Why is he hurting us? Janet Dendy LAWRENCEVILLE

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