Voice of the people: Slam on Madigan misguided

October 13, 2018

Professor James Nowlan has joined Rauner’s anti-Madigan crusade with his recent commentary (the Daily Journal, Oct. 7, 2018).

Noted that Nowlan demurs from totally taking up the whine of Rauner and his merry band of political dependents, who portray the Illinois speaker of the House as an arch villain like “Darth Vader,” but then he claims galactically “Madigan has shut down democracy in Illinois.”

How on earth did he do that? Does Madigan think he is Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan or Dennis Hastert with his famous rule? But not only is the U.S. Congress similar, try to find a state legislature as well, especially those with one party in unified control, which differs markedly from Illinois.

You have only to look north to Wisconsin to see what a unified Republican government is doing. Must Scott Walker go too? The Senate operates under its own control. The bipartisan compromise lately achieved that gave Illinois a budget and revenue to fund it for the first time after three years perhaps saving the state from further ruin and higher property taxes, originated in the Senate, and Republicans who put state over party paid and are still paying for their rationality.

Madigan and the Democrats poured money into the Third Judicial District in 1990 because the Republicans, including the National Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable, were pouring money in to defeat Justice Kilbride. In Nowlan’s only other example of his assertion against Madigan, he devoted two paragraphs to bash another justice’s appointment orchestrated by a different Democratic leader, showing the thinly veiled partisan purpose of what he is up to, same old “if Democrat bad, if Republican good.” Arguably the three Republican justices are creatures of the downstate regular Republican Party. But so what?

Madigan has only been speaker of the House for 28 years, not a half a century. Exaggeration again seems to be a Republican thing these days. Madigan serves his district and party well, which is why he is consistently re-elected by huge margins.

Mike Madigan does his job quietly, efficiently and well, which is the main reason Republicans do not like him. The state goes Democrat mainly because of the populous northeast corner. But most of the tax money also comes from the Northeast corner and benefits the whole state. Does caterwauling GOP downstate want to split it off and be West Virginia? Blaming Madigan and Cook County for everything wrong with Illinois is a little much. Sorry, your Governor Alibi is a sickening whiner. There is plenty of blame for Illinois politicians of both parties to share including Rauner and his current flock of naysayers.

Stephen Harman


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