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Mrs. Phipps Loses Another Round

April 1, 1986

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ A woman has lost another round in her eight-year court fight to change the racial designation on her birth certificate from ″colored″ to ″white.″

The Louisiana Supreme Court refused Monday to consider reversing lower court rulings against Susie Guillory Phipps, 53, of Sulphur.

Mrs. Phipps says she is white, but the state traces her ancestry to a slave and a French planter who moved to the Louisiana territory in the 1760s.

The lower courts said Mrs. Phipps cannot force the state to change her parents’ race, information provided by a midwife, on the certificate. They also rebuffed her challenge to the law requiring the listing of race, with an appeals court saying the confidential information provides statistics essential for planning affirmative action and other programs.

Mrs. Phipps’ attorney, Brian Begue, said he will ask the high court to reconsider.

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