NEW YORK (AP) _ Al Roker's great motivator in school was fear _ and he's glad of it.

Asked about his most valuable school lesson, the NBC weatherman recalled some run-ins with a nun at Manhattan's Xavier High School and concluded: ``There's nothing wrong with discipline.''

He remembers a Sister Catherine Rose ``who had radar: If she heard whispering, she'd turn and fire the chalk better than an NFL quarterback. There would be little chalk marks on our heads after her class,'' Roker says in the September issue of Life magazine.

``Fear is a good motivator. When you instill respect and fear in kids, you eradicate problems that could arise later on,'' he says in the issue that asked celebrities about their school days.

For Tony Bennett, learning is all about attitude. The singer's days at Manhattan's High School of Industrial Arts planted in him a can-do mentality, he told Life.

``The most important thing I learned was self-education. Once you realize that learning is up to you, you have the right attitude to succeed in school _ and beyond,'' said Bennett.