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‘Another World’ Fans Fight for Show

April 24, 1999

NEW YORK (AP) _ Will Joe get blamed for Freeman’s death? Just what mystery does the secret garden hold? And who REALLY shot Grant?

Fans of the NBC daytime drama ``Another World″ had a bigger worry at their annual luncheon Saturday than the outcome of those ongoing cliffhangers.

The network is pulling the plug on 35 years of triumph and tragedy in fictional Bay City, Ill. The soap goes off the air June 25.

But longtime followers of the Cory, Hudson and Carlino family sagas aren’t letting their old friends go without a fight.

They protested at NBC studios Saturday morning and have launched a letter-writing campaign pleading for network execs to change their minds about replacing ``Another World″ with a new soap called ``Passions.″

NBC Entertainment President Scott Sassa called the decision ``very tough,″ but said the change, coupled with a new morning news lineup on NBC, will help the network establish a pattern in programming he called ``critical to our success.″

In addition to lobbying NBC, AW fans are also pitching the show to ABC and Fox in hopes one of them might pick it up.

``Whatever happens next will be really interesting because now it’s in the hands of the fans,″ said Victoria Wyndham, whose character, Rachel, is the longest-running on AW. Viewers have watched for 26 years as she grew from resident witch into the role of admired mom.

``We’ve had the rug pulled out from under us, but I don’t think that NBC is the only outlet in town,″ Wyndham said. ``I’m an actor. We believe that you can find a bunny in the hat.″

Her hopes are resting with people like Kerri Isaacson of Newtown Square, Pa.; Amelia Georgiana of Hopewell, N.J.; and Harriette Grant of New York. The trio of nannies were among the 800 people at the New York Hilton for their fan club’s first meeting since NBC announced it’s decision.

Georgiana, 39, said she started watching the show when she sat down with her grandmother one summer afternoon rather than going to the pool.

``That was it,″ she recalls. And it was 27 years ago.

She has been watching the shenanigans of characters like Grant Harrison _ who framed his ex-wife for murder, faked his own death and set a fire that nearly killed the police commissioner’s wife _ ever since.

``He’s such a deliciously evil character!″ Isaacson gushed. ``He’s just so incredibly morally corrupt, I just love it!″

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