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Raymond Taylor rode the “Wheel of Fortu

October 13, 1997

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Raymond Taylor rode the ``Wheel of Fortune″ to the top, but it was his failure to go back down that caused him trouble.

The 46-year-old Los Angeles man became so infatuated with the television game show after winning $81,000 in cash and prizes in 1993 that he ``stalked″ the show and had to be removed from the stage, according to court records.

``I wanted to have a life with the show,″ Taylor said in the Sunday edition of the Daily News of Los Angeles. ``I loved the show enough to be a part of it.″

It has happened before, said Marki Costello, who has coordinator on 22 programs, including ``Hollywood Squares″ and ``The Gong Show.″

``They feel like they have a relationship because they were treated so special the day of the show,″ she said. ``They don’t realize that when we’re done with them, we’re done with them. On to the next show.″

Taylor said he awaited the day the suit is dropped so he can keep trying for a job on the show. Until then, Taylor said, he is watching from home.


KEY WEST, Fla. (AP) _ Tradition outweighs geography, at least in this city famous for pirates, writers and risque parades.

It may not be the southernmost point of the continental United States after all, but a marker at the foot of Whitehead Street will stay right where it is, officials decided Thursday.

Neighbors complained about tour buses and noise at the spot with the massive red, black and yellow concrete buoy.

A new survey also showed that the southernmost spot of the southernmost island on the Florida Keys was actually on restricted Navy land. Officials said two other spots are actually farther south, too.

Nevertheless, the marker will stay, commissioners agreed.

``Deal with the buses,″ Commissioner Percy Curry said. ``Don’t move the southernmost point.″


NEW YORK (AP) _ Police officers thought there was something familiar about the man who flagged them down to say he had just been robbed.

``My partner goes, `This is the shooter from two hours ago,‴ said Officer Thomas Kelly.

Chris Applewhite allegedly matched the description of a gunman who shot a teen-ager in the stomach early Sunday. The victim was in stable condition.

Minutes after the incident, Applewhite was robbed at gunpoint of his burgundy leather jacket, police said. While they held him, they saw another man toss a leather jacket and pistol under a nearby car, and arrested that person on a robbery charge.

``This is one for the books,″ Kelly said.

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